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Power BI

Unleash the true potential of your data with our Power BI consultancy services. At Helium IT, we're dedicated to transforming data into actionable, insightful solutions that enhance your organization's decision-making processes. Our approach aligns seamlessly with our core values of collaboration, innovation and fun.

Power BI - Empowering Data Insights:

  • In a data-driven era, our Power BI consultants are your go-to experts for unlocking the hidden power within your data. We offer actionable, insightful solutions that contribute to improving decision-making.

Our Services:

  1. Improved Decision-Making:
    We deliver solutions that enable monitoring and action-taking.

  2. Enhanced Visuals:
    Our solutions are dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing.

  3. Defining Core KPIs:
    We identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with organizational objectives.

  4. Driving Adoption:
    We construct rollout strategies that encompass all areas of your organization.

Power BI Consultancy Services:

  • Our expert team of Power BI Consultants offers a wide range of consulting services that provide guidance and expertise in all aspects of Power BI. We're dedicated to delivering business-critical insights that enhance the decision-making process.

Our Expertise:

  1. Reports & Data Visualization:
    We design and develop aesthetically pleasing reports that combine insights and actionable elements, empowering decision-makers.

  2. Governance & Rollout:
    Our framework integrates technology, process, and people to tailor a successful Power BI rollout plan to your organization's specific needs.

  3. Performance & Optimization:
    We ensure all your Power BI solutions perform at their best, aligning with Microsoft's best practices, and are scalable for the future.


Migration Made Smooth:

  • We provide a proven migration plan and strategy to streamline the transition from your current reporting platform to Power BI, reducing costs and increasing the chances of success.


Assessing Readiness:

  • Our guidance helps your organization determine its readiness to roll out Power BI, addressing critical factors.


Continued Support:

  • Post-implementation, we offer ongoing guidance, support and consultancy to ensure your data needs are consistently met.

Why Choose Helium IT Power BI Consultants:

  • Embedded Reports:
    Power BI as a Service allows embedding reports directly into your organization's applications and web pages.

  • Transformed Data:
    We model data appropriately for reporting, converting it into interactive visualizations that offer relevant insights.

  • Actionable Insights:
    Decision-makers get a quick overview of low-performing KPIs and can dive into interactive elements to identify root causes and take action.


Helium IT's Power BI consultancy services are your gateway to making data-driven decisions with confidence. Let's bring your data to life.

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