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Managed Services

Let Helium IT guide you through the evolution of your cloud, data and AI platform, allowing you to concentrate on your business growth. Our tailored managed service seamlessly integrates with your data and analytics development cycle, ensuring you can focus on advancing data analytics within your organization. Helium IT Managed Services guarantee efficient and secure operation, continuously working to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new tools and sharpen analysis.

Elevating Data Platforms with Helium IT: A Managed Service Approach

Situation: In today's business landscape, data analytics is more crucial than ever. Traditional data warehouse platforms are evolving to meet demands for both traditional BI and new ways of analyzing agile, semi/unstructured data. The rise of Machine Learning and AI has further accelerated the need for flexible, adaptable cloud-based platforms.


As a market leader, Microsoft's Azure Cloud service, along with SQL Server BI capabilities, addresses these evolving requirements. However, navigating the dynamic landscape of evolving technologies presents challenges. Helium IT, with expertise in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure & Data Platform, Power BI and SQL Server BI capabilities, offers a tailored service for provisioning, managing and optimizing cloud infrastructure.


Helium IT's managed service, grounded in DevOps practices and ITIL-aligned service management, ensures your cloud and data analytics platform operates efficiently.

Our Service Operation encompasses:

  1. A responsive Managed Service

  2. A proactive Managed Service with monitoring

  3. A Managed Service for critical systems with 24|7 scalability

These elements, customizable through various add-on services, evolve with your business. Helium IT's commitment to continual improvement, support and adoption of DevOps methods maximizes value, making us your trusted partner in the data analytics journey.

Helium IT Managed Service Highlights:

  • Experts in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure & Data Platform, Power BI and SQL Server BI.

  • Cloud infrastructure provisioning, management & optimization.

  • Proactive data platform monitoring & analytics maintenance.

  • Dedicated engineers.

  • Tailored service designed and transitioned based on need.

  • Comprehensive Service Management.

  • Commitment to Continual Improvement.

Let Helium IT empower your data-driven outcomes, providing a seamless journey from structured, on-premise data warehouses to the dynamic realm of cloud-based, unstructured data.

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