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Helium IT Licencing Services

Helium IT support your software lifecycle, by helping customers accelerate their software journey and stay ahead of the competition.

The Software Lifecycle refers to the planning, development and use of a software product. The process is made up of various parts and helps teams to understand how a product is created, implemented and used. The lifecycle is made up of software optimisation, software management and DevSecOps. Our solutions provide the right tools to ensure you as customers can produce, manage and secure your software without experiencing downtime.

Software Optimisation

Helium IT employ a proactive approach to ensuring an organisation has the optimal number of licenses. This allows companies to ensure you are purchasing the right number of licenses, avoiding over or under-buying. 

There are four concepts at play that form optimisation: 

•         Requirements

•         License ownership

•         Inventory

•         Usage


Best practices to reduce software costs

•         Application configuration optimisation

•         Recycling software licenses

•         Using software asset management tools


Helium IT’s Unique Selling Proposition

Optimise Software Spend

Helium IT will ensure your investment in overpriced licences, too many licences, or not enough is monitored, assessed and actioned. Using a software licence optimisation (SLO) tool helps avoid unnecessary costs or problems from use of unlicenced software.


Strengthen IT Security

Helium IT ensure you can rely on software applications, with a reduced risk of security breaches. Our SLO tools help IT departments establish a software inventory, giving them a clear overview of the infrastructure to combat IT risks.

Improve Licence Management

Licence renewals are a never-ending task as subscriptions are taken out at varying times. Helium IT use a SLO tool so customers can improve their renewal processes and maintain an effective licence management system

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