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Data Strategy

Achieve your data objectives with a well-crafted data strategy. At Helium IT, we're here to assist you in tightening governance, enhancing decision-making, fostering innovation, driving transformation and fuelling growth. Our values of collaboration, innovation and fun guide our approach.

Our Data Strategy Approach:

  • We work closely with you to develop and implement the right data strategy tailored to your organization's needs. We measure results and transfer crucial skills to your team, empowering you with a sustainable governance model and a solid foundation for in-house data management.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fast-Track Data Initiatives

    Get data-driven projects off the ground more efficiently.

  2. Expert Guidance:

    Rest assured with our brilliant minds overseeing design and delivery.

  3. Subject Matter Experts:

    Call upon the right experts for each project.

Strategy with Helium IT: Making Data a Strategic Asset:

  • Aligning technology initiatives with business objectives is crucial. In a landscape filled with technology choices, defining a pragmatic strategy and an implementation plan significantly increases the chances of success. Aligning business and technology goals ensures that transformation programs are poised for success, doing the right things for the right reasons. Proper planning and governance support the selection of suitable technologies, allocate budgets correctly and provide a baseline for measuring success and making adjustments when necessary.

The Challenge:

  • Lack of data ownership and accountability

  • Lack of education on the impact and importance of data accuracy

  • No data-driven decision-making

  • Decentralized data with unclear access

  • Data existing in protected silos

  • Lack of a common business understanding of data

The Opportunity:

  • Improved control and risk management

  • Enhanced information delivery efficiency

  • Increased trust in data

  • Restoration of data integrity

  • Better information management planning

  • Elimination of redundant efforts

  • Enhanced access speed to information

How Helium IT Can Help:

  • Helium IT combines technical, architectural, industry and business expertise to work with key stakeholders and business decision-makers. We assess your organization's current state, challenges and alignment with your strategy.

  • Together, we develop a target operating model for data, analytics and analysis, along with a roadmap for the necessary people and processes to enable better decision-making based on your data.

  • A successful strategy empowers your organization to comprehend how data should be collected, stored, integrated, and leveraged.

A Robust Strategy Will Enable:

  • Data integrity through improved data quality

  • Enhanced corporate decision-making by aligning information and data with business requirements

  • Improved data management control through governance and the right organizational structure

  • Streamlined data sharing and communication

  • Integration of data sources using technology as an enabler

  • Fostering a corporate culture that values data as a corporate asset

  • Efficient and measurable processes underpinning the data value chain

Strategy Components:

  • As-Is Assessment

  • Strengths and Opportunities

  • Weaknesses and Threats

  • Vision

  • Business Objectives

  • Technology Drivers

  • Findings & Recommendations

  • Business Change Interventions

  • Technology and Architectural Recommendations

  • Strategy

  • People, Process, and Technology Initiatives

  • Roadmap and Execution Plan

Trust Helium IT to help you navigate the data landscape and reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

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