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Data Migration & Integration

Supercharge your application integration and data migration projects with Helium IT's multi-purpose framework. We're all about making your digital transformation journey smoother and more efficient, in alignment with our core values of collaboration, innovation and fun.

The Digital Transformation Challenge:

  • As organizations embrace the cloud, IT teams are tasked with implementing new cloud-based applications and migrating existing ones. Data transformation is the linchpin of both types of projects.


Our Approach:

  1. Application Integration: We seamlessly integrate data from new cloud applications with existing ones, ensuring end-to-end business processes and timely data availability.

  2. Data Migration: We facilitate the transfer of data from legacy, on-premises applications to the new cloud environment, often handling substantial volumes.


The Helium IT Framework for Application Integration:

  • We've crafted a single, multi-purpose technical framework and reference architecture to expedite your integration and migration projects. When implemented by our Helium IT consultants, it streamlines project timelines, freeing up resources for other critical initiatives.


Specialist Functionality:

  • Our framework offers specialist capabilities, making it the go-to solution for your integration and migration needs.


Why Choose the Helium IT Framework:

  • Proven Expertise:

    We've honed our framework through years of collaboration with companies on transformation initiatives.

  • Multi-Purpose:

    Whether it's point-to-point applications or two-way integration, our framework adapts to your data and systems, delivering efficiency and expertise for a variety of projects.

  • Time-Saving:

    Instead of creating your architecture from scratch, our reference architecture for application integration and data migration expedites the process.

  • Cost-Effective:

    Our support compliments your team by providing the right level of capability precisely when needed. This saves you from the high costs and specialized resources associated with building an in-house capability.

  • Supportable:

    The framework's stability and reusability make it inherently supportable, whether you operate it internally or with our specialist Managed Services team.


Integration Projects Made Easier:

  • Our framework streamlines integration and migration projects in various scenarios, including consolidating application portfolios, integrating back-end systems with new applications, replacing legacy systems, running parallel legacy applications, merging multiple infrastructures after acquisitions and starting fresh ecosystems post-demerger.


Let Helium IT's multi-purpose framework accelerate your integration and migration projects, making your digital transformation seamless and efficient.

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