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Data Governance

At Helium IT, our Data Governance Services are all about tackling the common challenges head-on and turning them into opportunities. We understand that the lack of effective data governance often leads to confusion, ownership issues and missed opportunities. That's where we step in with our unique approach.

Helium IT's (USP): We specialize in turning data chaos into a well-orchestrated symphony. Our services are guided by our core values: collaboration, innovation and fun.

In a world where data often resides in 'protected' silos and lacks a common understanding, we provide a pragmatic solution. Our Data Governance Framework is the key to unlocking the true potential of your data assets.

Our Approach:

  1. Holistic Management

    • We integrate data governance into the broader Data Management Framework, ensuring every aspect is taken care of

  2. Clear Authority

    • Our framework ensures proper authority over data assets

  3. Transparency

    • The yellow components in the diagram highlight the context of data governance, ensuring clarity

  4. Comprehensive Components

    • Our Data Governance Framework consists of essential elements, including Artefacts, Processes, Roles, Responsibilities, Organizational Structures, and the latest technology solutions

We align data governance with corporate governance, leveraging existing structures and processes: The benefits are clear!

Benefits of Helium IT Data Governance:

  • Control and Risk Management

    • Gain better control and minimize risks associated with data

  • Efficiency

    • Streamline information delivery for improved efficiency

  • Trust

    • Increase trust in your information and data

  • Data Integrity

    • Enhance data integrity right from the source

  • Information Management

    • Improve your information management planning

  • Efficiency

    • Eliminate duplicate efforts

  • Cost Savings

    • Reduce information delivery costs

  • Quick Access

    • Speed up access to vital information

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