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Data Analytics & Visualisation

Empower your business leaders with Data Analytics and Visualization Services from Helium IT. We believe in putting the power of data-driven insights directly into the hands of those who know your organization best—your business leaders. This approach resonates with our core values of collaboration, innovation and fun.

Unlock Insights with Data Analysis and Visualization:

  • Our services empower your business leaders to make informed decisions using intuitive analytics. They know the questions to ask and we provide the answers.


Our Approach:

  1. Tailored Analytics:
    We offer a custom analytics platform based on Microsoft Power BI and Azure.

  2. Best Practices:
    Our guidance covers everything from running reports to driving engagement.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Advanced analytics and clear visualizations drive better decisions.

  • Strategic Integration: We embed integrated analytics department by department.

  • Accelerated Adoption: Our engagement plans and user training speed up the adoption process.


Enterprise-Grade Analytics with Microsoft Power BI:

  • We cover a wide range of advanced analytic capabilities, including predictive analytics, data visualizations, R integration, data analysis expressions and data governance.


The Data-Rich World:

  • Data is everywhere and its abundance continues to grow. This wealth of information has transformed how we interact, brought about medical breakthroughs and unveiled new insights for businesses and daily life.


The Data Literacy Challenge:

  • As data accessibility increases, business leaders need to become data literate. They must grasp statistical methods, machine learning, and data manipulation to make informed decisions.


Microsoft Power BI Empowers Business Leaders:

  • Microsoft Power BI brings advanced analytics to the forefront of daily business decisions. It enables users to extract valuable knowledge from data, solving business problems.


Helium IT's Data Analysis Service:


  • We've distilled essential services into targeted capability accelerators to meet the needs of organizations at various stages of their data analytics journey.


Our Offering:

  1. Data Analytics Adoption Accelerator:
    A cost-effective series of engagements to drive adoption and engagement.

  2. Data & AI as a Service:
    A subscription-based service that provides operational assurance and supports the evolution of your Power BI ecosystem into a data-driven culture.


Unlock the potential of your data with Helium IT's Data Analytics and Visualization Services. Let's help your business leaders make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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