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About Us

Empowering Business Insights through Data-Driven Solutions

Helium IT offers a diverse range of services catering to both Public and Private sector clients. With a strong focus on timely delivery, we possess key technical and non-technical skills to deliver cutting-edge IT-enabled solutions.

Founded in 2012, Helium began as a provider of Database Service Solutions to the IT sector. However, owing to increasing customer demand, our service offerings expanded significantly over time.

As of 2022, Helium IT proudly delivers full managed IT solutions to SMEs and Enterprises. Our unique approach ensures customer delight throughout the entire journey.

At Helium IT, our mission is to empower businesses with clear and informed data-driven outcomes. We achieve this by optimizing enterprise data, reducing costs, and accelerating time-to-market, all while leveraging your assets and intellectual property. Whether you require expert consultants, agile project teams, or tailored solutions, we collaborate to enhance every aspect of your IT processes, services, applications, and infrastructure.

IT Consultancy Services and Technical Skills

Data Management

  • Data collection and storage

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Data governance and security

Data Science

  • Data mining and predictive analytics

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Natural language processing

Data Reporting

  • Creating and delivering data-driven reports

  • Visualizing data for insights

  • Dashboard development

Microsoft Fabric

  • Designing and implementing Microsoft-based solutions

  • Managing Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments

Cloud Data Services

  • Designing and migrating to cloud-based data solutions

  • Managing cloud data storage and security

Azure Data Solutions

  • Designing and implementing Azure data solutions

  • Managing Azure data storage and security

Project Management

  • Planning, managing, and delivering IT projects

  • Aligning projects with business goals

Data & Infrastructure Migration

  • Planning and executing data and infrastructure migrations

  • Managing the risks associated with migrations

Digital Solutions

  • Designing and implementing digital solutions

  • Optimizing customer experiences

Security Solutions

  • Designing and implementing security solutions

  • Managing security risks

Microsoft Licensing Provisioning & Usage Optimisation

  • Provisioning and managing Microsoft licenses

  • Optimising Microsoft license usage

Why Choose Helium IT?

  • Gain access to expert knowledge and experience

  • Get help with complex IT projects

  • Improve your IT infrastructure and security

  • Align your IT with your business goal

While our experience stems from the traditional world of managing structured, on-premise data warehouses, we seamlessly adapt to the digital realm of cloud-based, unstructured data. Helium IT thrives on tackling the challenges of handling vast volumes of data at incredible speeds, unlocking new dimensions of insights that enable you to make clearer, better-informed decisions.

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